There are many ways we can engage with you and the groups you are working with. We do this through workshops or tailored partnership programmes where we design dance activity to suit the interest, ability and age of your group.

Our long standing learning and participation programmes include The Belfast Movement Choir and Move Fit.


The Paul Hamlyn funded Belfast Movement Choir is an all-female intergenerational project that brings different communities together to share positive social, educational and health benefits. This is a two-year programme which will culminate in a Belfast Movement Choir performance in Spring 2022. We are currently recruiting particpants for this programme so do check it out if you are interested.

During year one of Belfast Movenet Choir face-to-face sessions were suspended in March 2020 due to Covid-19, undeterred we began sessions online from May to October resulting in four short films that are a creative and expressive response to lockdown from the community participants. One of these films was nominated by the Achates Foundation (NI region) for showing innovation and excellence in the arts during the Covid-19 global pandemic of 2020.

Praise for Belfast Movement Choir

‘I am SO privileged to be part of this wonderful group in expressing their interpretation of life through music and movement. I have found the whole experience liberating, thought provoking and thoroughly enjoyable.’

Belfast Movement Choir Participant

‘The benefits from projects that focus on people, their needs, perhaps insecurities, help build confidence and self-esteem is incalculable.  How do you put a price on transforming a person’s inner vision of themselves, someone who has taken a risk, embraced something new and found themselves with a new element to their life, new friends, new skills?  Its our belief that these projects are invaluable because of the multi-layered effect they have that resonates beyond the individual’

Outreach & Development Officer, Duncairn Centre for Culture and Arts


MOVE FIT is a three year programme which runs in schools for 24-weeks offering movement and physical activity classes at no cost to participants. We are currently working with four groups in two schools in North Belfast schools to promote a healthy active lifestyle to their pupils.

During Covid-19, with the support of our funders, Garfield Weston and Victoria Homes Trust, we offered pre-recorded and online sessions which allowed the schools to continue with the programme desoite the suspension of face to face sessions. As well as being able to continue provision to these schools the sessions gave us the opportunity to support the children’s physical and mental health at this challenging time.

We look forward to getting back into the schools in early 2022.

Praise for Move Fit

‘Move Fit is a fabulous initiative for our children and is full of fun and laughter, complimented with a well thought out programme of movement. The parents fully engaged with the initiative and dance for children became a normal and much looked forward to part of the week. The training for our classroom assistant has now resulted in dance being integrated into part of the children’s everyday movement curriculum. Wouldn’t it be great if Move Fit could be rolled out to every school!! Thanks for all you have done to support the health and wellbeing of the children and community of Lowwood P’

Principal Lowwood PS

‘Holy Cross Boys’ P.S. is delighted to have been given the opportunity to continue with Move Fit for another three years, after a very successful pilot run.  This will provide continuity for pupils who thoroughly enjoy the sessions and parents who are now seeing for themselves the benefits Move Fit brings to their children, in terms of increased activity levels, self-confidence and team spirit, to name but a few’

Teacher, Holy Cross Boys PS