Saturday & Sunday, 7-8 March 2020

Times: 10 am – 4 pm

Fee: 2 days = £25  1 day= £20


Location: The Vault Studios (Dance Studio on second floor), Tower Street,

Belfast, BT5 4FH


To register contact:  Sandy at: info@maidenvoyagedance.com

Information on workshop:

As humans, we are in constant contact with our world. We know the support, creative awakening, and healing gifts that arise through touch and contact with our surroundings. This develops in many ways as we grow and engage with ourselves, the environment, playmates, and eventually as adults with trusted people in our lives. Deep calmness and satisfaction can awaken in one’s nervous system with the joy of self-recognition when one experiences open, considerate, listening, and playful contact.

This workshop explores “body listening” skills through breath/sound and the fluid resonance of Continuum, and by exploring more integrated ways to experience contact with oneself and with others. Through individual and partnered spontaneous movement expression we will awaken our capacity for being with each other in genuine moments of moving, feeling, and expressing. We will also include verbal exchange using compassionate self-reflexive awareness, to expand our possibilities for discovering new meaning and for building community.

To support our deepening of practice & understanding, we will explore:

Mary Abrams, MA, RSME brings passion, skill, and an inquisitive spirit to her teaching. She directs programs and teaches at Moving Body Resources in New York City. She also teaches on the Masters in Dance & Somatic Well-being course in the UK; on the Continuum Teacher Training programme at the Somatic Academy in Berlin, Germany; and is creator of the process work she calls All About Attention. Mary comes from a 30 year dance background including 20 years of Continuum with Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper, and does ongoing learning with Gary David, Ph.D.   Her creative edge continues to develop ways toward more body awareness and movement within the fields of Epistemics and affect-script theory (the biolody of emotion). She holds a BA in Dance from St. Olaf College and a MA in Consciousness Studies focusing on embodied movement practice and theory from Goddard College.   www.movingbodyresource.com