International Dance Artist Sarah Cerneaux facilitated a 1 Day Dance Lab in February

It was a fantastic day for all who attended-Thank you to Sarah for such a great workshop!

Title : Moving Through Instinct

Content :

It’s about playing with a multitude of dynamics, qualities and energy and exploring all our possibilities.

By pushing the contrasts and looking for the oppositions inside and around us, let’s discover a new way of moving / expressing ourselves in order to change the vision that everyone has of their own dance.

The aim is to let our natural presence emerge in physical restraint and push our limits.

How can we use all the knowledge we have stored and at the same time keep challenging them in order to let emerge the singular performer we are.

It is through rhythm games, improvisation and physical tasks we will reconnect with   our instinct so that each person may find their own way to apprehend the movement.

Instinct and intuition will allow us to dive into our creativity.

Sarah suggests therefore in her classes to share her experience built through the companies she worked with, as well as her own artistic vision.

Biography :

Sarah started street dance at the age of 17 in France.

After completing her degree as a computer engineer and finishing her dance training at the Choreographic Center James Carles, she moved to Paris and kept training with teachers such as Corinne Lanselle and Carolyn Carlson.

Since then she has worked in France and toured internationally with Abou Lagraa Company, David Drouard Company, Maryse Delente Company, Vincent Mantsoé amongst others.

She moved to London in 2014 and started to work with Liz Roche Company in Dublin with whom she keeps collaborating.

She joined Akram Khan Company in November 2014 and toured the production ‘Kaash’ until 2016.

She teaches repertory for the Akram Khan Company and recently re-staged Bastard Amber on the graduating students of Lasalle College Singapore for Liz Roche Company.

After moving back to France, Sarah started to work with the Amala Dianor Company and continues to perform in Ireland with Liz Roche Company.

Recently, she started to develop her own work.

In 2020, Sarah will dance again with the Akram Khan company and perform Kaash at the South Bank Center.