Dance Exposed Spring 2018-dance for public spaces

‘Each for Other’ choreographed by Scottish choreographer Jack Webb premiered as part of the Belfast Children’s Festival in March. We performed at the Victoria Bus Station, the Ulster Museum, the Market Place, Armagh and at Garden Show Ireland in May. Many thanks to Young at Art, our public spaces, audiences and participating schools /community groups who got involved in the outreach programme. The work explores our need for community with performers encountering obstacles and surprises whilst harnessed together, along the way they discover the freedom that comes through collective strength and togetherness. This was a powerful, expressive, physical piece of dance that engaged young and old within our audiences.

Review-Simon Fallaha:

‘a wonderfully concise and crash course in adulthood’

Audience comments:

‘It was amazing, never seen anything like it’

‘Entertaining and inventive’