Plants & Hopes

Stills from Plant & Hopes

Plants & Hopes has been inspired by choreographer Suzannah McCreight’s personal experience of being diagnosed with cancer whilst pregnant.

Plants & Hopes reflects the struggles and joys that unfold in a garden where both wanted and unwanted growth compete for attention and where clinical intervention sits with organic flow. The piece draws parallels with cycles of nature and growth, explores a pathway through the garden of life from small beginnings to blossoming adventures. Flourishing scenes of fullness and fluidity are contrasted with journeys of difficulty and trial.

Plants & Hopes is principally funded by the National Lottery through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Lloyds TSB Foundation and Belfast City Council.

Audience Comments

“A very moving and uplifting show.”

“The technique and quality of the dance was fantastic. Fabulous storytelling.”


“Compassionate and moving.”

“Very powerful, beautifully staged.”

“Entrancing, emotional and very enjoyable.”

“Very moving and personal. Felt almost like we walked through this experience with her.”