OFF SPRING 2019: The Alien’s Guide to Dance Gone Wrong

It's the future.

Aliens are in charge of the planet and curious about a thing called ballroom dancing that humans do. But without and humans left to teach them and devoid of personal interaction or connection just how well will they interpret the steps?  It’s dance…but not as we know it.

First performed: March 2019, The MAC Belfast during Belfast Children’s Festival

Duration: 38 minutes


‘What the more regimented may perceive ‘wrong’ is actually a new form of creative brilliance’ Simon Fallaha

‘I wonder whether I’ve stepped into a parallel universe where the clever aliens have perfected the art and are playing The Alien’s Guide to Dance Done Well’ Alan in Belfast

Principal Funders: Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Belfast City Council

Outreach Funders: Halifax Foundation NI, Esme Mitchell Trust, The Blackburn Trust

Audience Comments

‘An extremely fascinating show’

‘Weird but cool!!’