"A combination of dance and dramatic expression to convey in turn a woman's sense of anger and emptiness at losing a child and the numb inadequacy of a man who knows not where to turn or how to respond" Culture Northern Ireland "With leaves gradually falling from a tree in a corner, and with darkening clouds blooming, then dying, plant visible on a projected screen behind them, dancers O'Neill and Fuentes Guaza dig deep to eke out numerous feelings of struggling to continue after such a horrifying turn of events" The Big List

Landscapes of Loss explores the physical and emotional memory of grief following still birth and infant loss. Feelings of anger, emptiness and inadequacy harboured by the body are stilled and concealed. Senses of longing, abandon, restriction and surrender create collision as the couple attempt to recover from a lost future.


First performed

March 2017, The MAC Belfast



28 minutes



Hits close to the quick in its examination of the welter of emotions experienced by those who have suffered loss. Beautifully lit and persuasively scored.

Culture Northern Ireland

Principal funders: Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Belfast City Council

Audience Comments

“Gorgeous use of multiple disciplines”

“Emotionally powerful performances”

“Brilliant and emotional”

“Landscapes of loss was really powerful. It captured all our emotions. The set, the lighting and sound were also fantastic”

“I didn’t see much as I started crying and couldn’t stop”

Video in this piece very intriguing and warmth of the final duet”