Fascinated by the values and labels that we attach to material form, including people, it seems an inevitable human activity to create ever more elaborate labels, constructs and stories beyond what we actually perceive through our senses.

Inspired by clearing out items belonging to living and deceased relatives, Lopez de la Nieta transports us to a world of clutter where discovery and memory surface out of the darkness. Accompanied by a witty soundscape, the trio of performers highlight the joy, pain, sentiment and value placed in external things as they cut loose, physically and vocally, earnestly assessing the value of everything and subversively revelling in their anonymity.

First performed

March 2017, The MAC Belfast


19 minutes


Speed, impact of movement, combined with audience imagination tells the majority of this story before a series of unprecedented vocal outbursts…..the tip of the iceberg in a staggering finale.   The Big List


Principal funders: Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Belfast City Council

Audience Comments


“Really got into it”

“Enjoyable and challenging”

“Thought provoking”

“Witty and slightly crazy!”