Boundaries and belonging are at the forefront of this Double Bill of dance commissioned and presented by Maiden Voyage Dance

BRINK was created as a response to the tension, confusion, frustration and division caused after the Brexit vote in 2016. Feeling like we’re on the brink of something unimaginable that we have no control over, the work explores the fragile nature of the human condition and how even the most utopian dreams are flawed by humanity’s greatest weakness, greed. I was compelled to make a work that explores the futile, divisive nature of high-risk negotiations where human existence is laid bare, even the smallest mistake or misjudgement could be fatal and everything is ‘on the table’.

Maiden Voyage gratefully acknowledges the support of Principal Funder Arts Council of Northern Ireland; and Multi Annual Funding from Belfast City Council.

Audience Comments

Intense, fantastic, skilful, full bodies, tight, caught, trapped, hostage fighters, great soundtrack and superb choreography

Amazing, this is my first live experiences of contemporary dance and I am staggered by the standard of both performances. The Tension ‘on the table’ added to the interpretation of a current and relevant subject / topic. Excellent.

 The theme and motifs were clear and fully explored. The overall timing and roundness allowed the dancers parameters of risk taking It was really important to explore such political and widely discussed ideas.

 The power of the body – and how it can be used – so supple. The rising drama of the movements – from still to clash. The accompanying score was so well matched to the movements – and brilliant

Emotional performance. It was incredible. Nothing short of genius. A show that reflects today’s society and political climate risks we are in, re…. on dance was refreshing.

Simple staging and effective lighting – shadows were almost as beautiful as the dance. Beautiful energy between the dancers. Pace was perfect music highlighted the performance effectively.

Really compelling, connective performance from both dancers. Lighting design concept very strong. Really enjoyed it.

Very enjoyable and current work – excellently executed and produced to a really high standard. Great to see dance of this level.

Absolutely beautiful on the edge of my seat. Gorgeous trust and let go feeling throughout the piece.

I loved how intricate it was. Choreography was star!

 I loved how relevant the topic was, the confined space was interesting and thought-provoking element to the performance. The choreography provoked an emotional response to a political issue which as a non-UK citizen may not have occurred previously.

Unbelievable, loved the start position. The belly breathing on top of each other. On top of a table was great thinking rather than sitting around a table.  The push pull of the stress and uncertainty was very apparent and clear. Fantastic and excellent execution of the meaning of the performance. The fight on both sides – shall we stay, or shall we go – EXIT always in the brink – on or off the table – very exciting and gripping – at times I stopped breathing – tension and fear was so clear.

This performance was unashamedly raw! Their connection between the dancers was outstanding and the choreography was beautifully complimented by the intricate earthiness yet hard lifting music score and simple but effective lighting. Really enjoyed something so political be displayed in such connective and gritty manner.

Amazing, so well considered. Amazing tension between 2 dancers, lighting and sound were fabulous so powerful – push pull fabulous

 Exvellent performance, very altheltic, high energy ‘edge of seat’ exhausting to watch, required great concentrtation, incredible movement on a confined space, conveyed terrific range of emotion, fluid movement, captured attention, captivating, fluent expression.

Wonderful sens of (literally) living on the edge of the abyss. Pushing and shoving one another to reach for things. Moments of nearly falling off that which supports us / imprisons us. An island people with island needs.

Wonderfully authentic movement, Risk taking realised in artistry. Such talent and committed dancers.

 Stunning, like a painitng. The dancers were exquisite – great chemistry. Beautiful and moving, Superb – thank you MVD

Intense, sublime fragile beautiful choreography and movement. Outstanding. Brought me to tears at one point.