Dance Exposed 2018: Each for Other

'Each for Other' is a fast moving piece designed for public spaces and brings passers-by into really close proximity with the performers.

‘Each for Other’ explores our need for community with the performers encountering hindrances, obstacles and surprises whilst harnessed together. Their reactions along the way allow them to discover the freedom that comes through collective strength and togetherness. You never know unless you try!

First Performed: March 2018 Ulster Museum

Duration: 15 minutes

‘At some point, rather craftily, and also rather brilliantly, Jack Webb’s Each For Other became, like all the best children’s stories, a wonderfully concise crash course in adulthood… It is that which ‘Each For Other’ cleverly and beautifully counters, in an environment where its performers may encounter complications but also find collective strength and possibility while harnessed to each other’ Simon Fallaha

Principal Funders: Arts Council Of Northern Ireland and Belfast City Council

Audience Comments

“It was amazing, never seen anything like it”

“Entertaining and inventive”