Maiden Voyage Dance developed 'Reich Double Sextet' and 'Deluge, Fugue & Allegro' in collaboration with artistic partners Hard Rain Soloist Ensemble in autumn 2019.

Double Sextet (2007)

There are two identical sextets in Double Sextet. Each one is comprised of flute, clarinet, vibraphone, piano, violin and cello. Doubling the instrumentation, so two identical instruments can interlock to produce one overall pattern. The four dancer/choreographers were inspired by the music, interpreting the music of the pianos and vibes interlocking in a highly rhythmic way that drives the rest of the ensemble. Rhythmic patterns and shapes come in to view, develop, heighten and then disipate; unison, canon, repitition and contact duets are constant devices running through the work.

Deluge, Fugue and Allegro (Vibraphone version 2019)

Originally written for solo guitar, uses J.S. Bach’s Prelude, Fugue and Allegro BWV 998 as inspiration for its formal layout. A slower central fugal section is book ended by two more unremitting movements. Maiden Voyage three solo dances are inspired by the contrasting three sections of music; the texture, structure and rhythms of the music are interpreted into three mesmerising solo dances. The reworking of the piece for vibraphone, was devised specifically for Maiden Voyage Dance and percussionist Alex Pectu.

The event was supported by Belfast City Council.

Audience Comments

It brought together a more diverse audience. I loved the fact the dancers created the choreography because I learned about how they listen to music. I enjoyed the energy that the choreography brought to the music.

Amazing connections! Loved how they worked so intimately together. Fantastic repetitions, so fluid and free. Amazing dancers. Climax went on forever, couldn’t breathe, held my breath and smile forever. Definitely a standing ovation. Best ever I’ve seen of Maiden Voyage.

It was a fabulous connection of music and dance, sound and movement. Breathtaking. Totally wow.

Multi-dimensional, exhilarating, the dancers picked out the patterns, motifs and repetitive ideas of the music which enhanced our listening. It was lovely to see an equality on stage between dance and music; we don’t see this enough. Loved it.

Real powerful energy and hyper technical. Ace.

I loved it! It was pretty to see and feel the music through the dancer’s bodies. Live music always inspiring.

An outstanding immersive fusion of music and dance. Both pieces engaged, the Reich piece was thrilling!

Incredible performance, dancing added a lot to the music. Would definitely recommend and would love to see something similar in future.

OMG that was absolutely amazing. I have never witnessed such live art and beauty. It has enlightened all of my senses. I feel unbelievably vibrant after that session. The musicians were incredible and the dancers OMG so alive, so expressive, so flexible, such grace and elegance with strength and ferocity too. It told an amazing story and I can’t believe the hour and a half flew by so quickly. The lifts were incredible, the timings awesome. Such expertise of dance and movement in a small space. Absolutely incredible. First time in SARC. Loved it all. Thank you all so much for a pleasant evening. Well done to everyone involved. Be very proud of yourselves.