Monday 19th October at 2pm Shana Simmons

In this class Simmons will draw from her experience with Garuda along with a range of dance techniques. The class is geared towards the experienced physical performer and professional dancer.

To register for this class please email by 6pm the day before to

This prodance series has been curated by Ryan O’Neill and is suitable for professional dancers and experienced physical performers based in Northern Ireland and is free to those out of work due to the pandemic.

Simmons didn’t begin dance training until the age of 18. Her love of studying the body and how it moves began at Elon College when she was thinking she’d be a Communications Major. She soon discovered she was born to dance and began training at Point Park University through their Conservatory Dance Department. From New York City to London and back to Pittsburgh, Simmons has trained in the Graham technique, release style dance from Alexandra Beller, David Dorfman and others, and studied choreography, analysis of movement and Cunningham technique during her London years. With a variety of styles under her belt and progressing from knowing nothing about movement to being a professional performer, her experiences have given her the ability to meet you where you are. Shana is Artistic Director of SHANA SIMMONS DANCE(est2009) and aims to draw audiences into modern dance in immersive environments and highlight current societal topics.