PRODANCE – Tuesday 1st December with Elizabeth Welty


Tuesday 1 December FlowState for Dancers 4pm-530pm

 FlowState for Dancers with Elizabeth Welty PhD, SYT

FLOW  /fləʊ/  STATE /steɪt/

The state of pure presence where the Dancer becomes the Dance – where you are fully immersed, embodied, and present.  Drop down out the thinking mind and move into the life-force of the breath – as we move energy through our whole being. Playfully churn through the layers with a beautiful dance inspired vinyasa yoga sequence that builds pathways of energy through your whole being – the intrinsic Union of your body/ mind/ spirit. This practice will start with an intuitive flow to feel the body, move into a mellow slow stretch to create stillness, then finish with a guided meditation to dwell in your sacred union of your being.

Classes are free to dance professionals/physical performers out of work due to the pandemic. For others in work /with means a £20 nominal fee applies for the term applies. Classes are available for one week on catch up basis via password vimeo link.To request a bursary space or book your place please contact

Elizabeth Welty-I have been passionate about yoga & dance my whole life for cultivating presence, embodiment and joy. I believe in the transformative potential of these practices for personal and social change. As a yoga teacher and Yoga Teacher Trainer, I seek to empower students to be strong, flexible and easy in their bodies, peaceful and clear in their minds, and playful in spirit.  I am passionate about providing my students journey of embodiment to unify the mind, body & spirit. I always strive to bring the best of my education, skills and passion forward each time I step on the mat. Looking forward to practicing with you!

PhD in Education & Senior Yoga Teacher/Founder and Owner of Flow Studio

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