Moving forward with Move Fit

Maiden Voyage are so pleased that we are now in a position to move forward with our Move Fit programme after running the successful pilot project that ran across five North Belfast Primary Schools, as an after schools activity.  Move Fit aims to improve participant’s physical and emotional wellbeing and change attitudes to participating in regular physical activity.

With our new programme we will be concentrating on developing our work in two North Belfast Primary Schools over two specific age groups over the next three years. This will give the continuity for the children to progress with age appropriate activities. It also offers the opportunity to train the School Assistant in everything ‘Move Fit’ so they can carry on the good work after the culmination of the project. We will be welcoming back Aisling McCormick  as the cordinator of the project and it will be delivered by our super team of artist/facilitators Sheena Kelly and Janie Doherty.

The Move Fit programme is a well structured, well organised programme. Children are really enjoying the programme and developing in confidence on a weekly basis…we have some very shy and introverted children who have joined and it is great seeing them develop in confidence and to speak out both in Move Fit and in the classroom. In the Move Fit setting they have had the opportunity to express themselves through their creativity and movement, which has been very powerful to watch. Children leave feeling happy and exhilarated. We want to focus on this to ensure children appreciate the impact of the activity on their mental health and well being”

School Teacher Holy Cross Boys Primary School

A great fun interactive way to increase children’s exercise…they have a good level of concentration and have been more eager to try new challenges in PE. Many of the children have gained more confidence. They are showing greater imagination in dance classes.”

Class Teacher Lowwood Primary School

Family feedback:

‘She thoroughly enjoyed Move Fit and it was fantastic to see her move well as she has co-ordination difficulties’

‘At the beginning (he) was very shy, I never would have thought he would participate in this group activity and perform the way he did today in front of a crowd. Thank you very much’

Participant from Holy Cross Boys Primary School:

‘I like Move Fit; it’s my favourite because you get fit!’

Participant from Lowwood Primary School:

‘I really love Move Fit because it is fun. I really enjoy dancing with my friends and when we do things in groups and pairs. I think I was a bit shy at the start but now I have learned a lot and feel like I can dance better!’

Moving Forward with Move Fit would not happen without the generous and continued funding from Garfield Weston Foundation and Victoria Homes and the wonderful support of the schools, the high quality teaching from our fantastic artist/facilitators and the amazing children themselves.