Morf online at QFTPlayer

Put a bit of magic into your weekend as MORF goes digital!

Friday 11th, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th March at QFTPlayer 

MORF, created by David Ogle with a score by Brian Irvine explores the magical in the everyday, as two dancers find themselves embarking on a ‘suit safari’ creating familiar animals from their suit jackets.

This playful new dance piece shows how you can create something magical out of nothing and celebrates the joy of play, imagination, and transformation where you are only limited by your imagination.

Filmed at the MAC, Belfast for the Belfast Children’s Festival. Available with audio description.

Produced by Maiden Voyage Dance | Film produced and edited by Nicky Larkin | Age Recommendation: 3-6

Audience responses to MORF

I wish Maiden Voyage Dance could have seen the faces of my children as they watched MORF! Their anticpation and delight was as much of a treat to experience as the show itself. They were rapt and engaged, constantly questioning and discovering throughout.

So much to take in and so much to enjoy, it tells a thoughtful tale while never ceasing to amuse, delight or intrigue.

The kids really enjoyed the show and took every bit of it in. Even us mummies were getting involved trying to work out the animlas

Maiden Voyage Dance is principally funded by Arts Council of Northern Ireland and funded by Belfast City Council. MORF is supported by Ulster Presents at Ulster University.