Maiden Voyage Dance-Arts & Business NI-Remote Engagement Seed Fund

We are delighted to have received seed funding from Arts & Business NI for the development and delivery of remote workshops to engage their business members staff and families as they adjust to their new living and working arrangements due to Covid-19. The aim is to support all participants with their physical/mental health/well being and to ensure staff continue to feel connected to their work colleagues.

Maiden Voyage Dance are offering two workshops for staff:


Make Your Move is a workshop choreography project for staff, participating in a live movement workshop at the end of which they will have created a short piece of choreography. Make Your Move provides a fun outlet for individual creative expression. It will boost morale and build sense of connectedness, keep the body active, reduce stress levels and build confidence when mastering new movement skills.


Home to Home session recordings provide access to four somatic movement lessons taught at home for you in your home and are designed to address habitual muscular reflexes caused by sitting for prolonged periods. The sessions involve slow meditative movements to improve physical ability in an effortless way and the effectiveness with which the brain coordinates and controls movements. Staff will find the sessions deeply relaxing, feel improvement in postural habits and gain new viewpoints on active processes and feeling within the body.

Maiden Voyage Dance are offering three family friendly workshops:


  1. Choreography workshops take inspiration from our Quartet for 15 Chairs and Pause & Effect performance for family audiences. You will be given links to watch each performance and you will take part in two separate workshops (one for each performance).
  1. Dance & Doodle explores movement through drawing and drawing through movement.
  1. Body Percussion includes rhythmic games and percussive patterns which use the entire body and is inspired by ‘Connect It’ choreographed for BBC Ten Pieces.

These fun accessible workshops offer structured creative learning and activities suitable for the family to enjoy together. They promote physical confidence, support memory development and learning and provide an outlet for creative exploration.  Participants will develop new skills including body awareness and coordination, respond to creative tasks, nonverbal communication, team-work and co-operation.

We as a company are very much looking forward to connecting to business staff and their families in this new creative venture together during these challenging times.