Maiden Voyage are delighted to share this recording of Quartet for 15 Chairs (2014) and hope it brings some joy, happiness in this time of lockdown. The performance was choreographed by Enrique Cabrera with music by Brian Irvine with some Bach and Farinelli, lighting design by Ciaran Bagnall and costumes by Llinos Griffith. Quartet for 15 Chairs premiered in 2014 at Belfast Children’s Festival and toured in 2015 and 2016 with performances in NI, Ireland, England and Switzerland.

Watch video here:   https://vimeo.com/401286440

We’ve added some resources for you to download and to try some movement ideas at home. Please do not attempt to balance on or jump off chairs without the safety of appropriate adult supervision! If you would like to share your responses you can send us photos or clips to social media @maidenvoyageni or info@maidenvoyagedance.com

Download Activity sheets here:


Happy watching and happy dancing!

Parent Feedback:

As a P5 and P2 parent, I can tell you the demand for safe online content (ie. not YouTube random videos) is off-the-charts. We are all searching for trusted sources of digital content to keep the kids ‘occupied’. It’s so great that MVD can bring high quality and engaging content to families.

Where: Watched on Vimeo on my laptop.

Experience: Excellent. It held their attention and they did not get distracted. Chloe watched it twice.

Children’s Feedback Overall: Thumbs Up

Favourite Things

– Megan (age 9) liked it when all 4 dancers walked across the stage on the chairs.

– Chloe (age 6) liked it when all the chairs dropped at the end.

– Adam (age 6) loved all of it.

How did it make you feel?

Megan – Happy, Interested

Chloe – Happy, Excited

Adam – A bit shy because it’s a bit scary to think about dancing.