Body Stories – New programme of Seasonal Somatics

Somatic movement education explores the creative and transformative aspects of movement and lived body experience. Somatic work aims to explore how moving from the felt experience of the living body can stimulate creativity and facilitate wellbeing and self-awareness.


In this programme we will develop our somatic movement through experiential anatomy and imagery, with an underlying awareness of body structure and function. Exploring movement as a creative, interactive and connective embodied practice-connecting to the season, to other and the environmental setting we find ourselves. Each session will have a new story to tell.

May to August Programme – £10 per session.

Saturday 28th May 10.00-11.30am – Book

Belfast Castle, Cavehill Country Park

Theme: Body as Home-Finding our Place

Body Emphasis: Axial Skeleton-posture, alignment and spine

Saturday 25th June 10.00-11.30am – Book

Lady Dixon Park

Theme: Reaching out from Home

Body Emphasis: Shoulder girdle, arm, wrist and hand

Saturday 30th July 10.00-11.30am – Book

Ormeau Park

Theme: Finding our Roots

Body Emphasis: Legs and feet

Saturday 27th August 10.00-11.30am – Book

Seapark Holywood

Theme: In the Water

Body Emphasis: Body Symmetries

Facilitator: Sandy Cuthbert

Sandy has a background in contemporary dance and movement improvisation. BA (Hons) Creative Arts, PGCE, Post-graduate Certificate in Contemporary Dance & Choreography-London Contemporary Dance School. Professional dancer-National Dance Company of Wales, In Transit, Maiden Voyage Dance, Off The Rails. Sandy recently returned to performing in ‘Epilogue’ premiered at the Belfast International Arts Festival 2021. Over 20 years FE & HE dance lecturing experience. Sandy has an MA in Dance and Somatic Well-Being and is a professional member of ISMETA-Registered Somatic Movement Educator. After retiring as Company Manager for Maiden Voyage Dance last year, she now works freelance as Engagement Coordinator for the company. She has a curiosity and passion for combining her loves of movement, mindfulness, and the natural world.