Maiden Voyage are so pleased with the development of this new project that began in October 19, made possible through the generous support of Paul Hamlyn Foundation ‘Explore and Test’ Grant. The current sessions have been suspended due to the Covid-19 lockdown, but we were determined to keep this new found community working and dancing together from home! We began remote sessions online with our adult members on a Monday morning and Wednesday evening. These sessions ran through May and June delivered by our wonderful dance artist/facilitators, Eileen McClory, Aisling McCormick and Anna Treanor. It is a great way to stay connected and further develop our creative movement together through zoom format.

The Belfast Movement Choir created from four  groups in areas of inner city Belfast, north, south, east and west. It is an all female intergenerational project.  In Year One the groups met regularly to develop movement and expressive skills, with a shared sense of belonging and worked towards a short public performance within their local communities. In Year Two (when we are able to resume after lockdown) the groups will continue to meet regularly and will unite to form one large Belfast Movement Choir. A guest choreographer will be commissioned to create a new performance for the Belfast Movement Choir, which will be performed during one of the city’s key cultural festivals, suspended now until spring 2021.

The Belfast Movement Choir is bringing different communities together to share positive social, educational and health benefits for participants and audiences; engaging in community dance, entering a dialogue, discovering ‘arts with a social purpose’. This approach has been chosen so we can learn and develop a greater understanding of self, the group and its place within the wider community.

If you want any further information on the sessions contact Sandy on