Dance Exposed 2015: Tipping Point

Do you believe in luck?

Dance Exposed takes dance into public spaces. For the 2015 programme, as part of the European Heritage Open Days, Culture Night Lisburn and Culture Night Belfast, Maiden Voyage  commissioned a new work Tipping Point from Eleesha Drennan.

Tipping Point is a fast paced trio that asks what happens when the unexpected occurs and how much do you believe in luck. Accompanied by original music from Colin Reid.


“Tipping Point amazes on its own terms: an energetic, emotional and eclectic work of art for all ages”


Audience Comments

I thought it was amazing and very inspiring. I loved the combination of dancers, the live music and the venue. I was kept excited by what would happen next the whole way through


Amazing! Different, dynamic, exciting – Loved the music!


Riveting Dance!


I thought it was a magical experience. Maiden Voyage is an innovative company deserving high praise
Thought the music and dance was first class. Very enlightening. I enjoyed everything!


Fantastic performance and music. Great to see dance in this space. Loved it!


Music was great. Children were captivated including my 1 yr old


Very enjoyable. A second lovely performance enjoyed by our 2 yr old who’s just learning about types of dance and really enjoyed “15 Chairs”