Explorations in Somatic Movement and Imagination

Facilitator-Kerstin Wellhofer

Two mini workshops introducing ways of playing somatically with our movement realm, based on the evolutionary embodied t work developed by Caryn McHose and Kevin Frank. Calling on aspects of Body&Earth (Andrea Olsen and Caryn McHose) approaches to working with awareness for nurturing a deeper understanding of how we are organised to move and relate to the wider world.

1. Motility in Early Movement Patterns-fluid presence of breath and cell, finding our sponging, squirting, rolling and pouring.

A three hour workshop exploring how support for movement, for deepening awareness of self in relationship to environment, is available through our imagination and our moving.

Sunday 15th April 2.00-5.00pm- Helen Lewis Dance Studio, Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast

2. Laying down the Bones, clarity in function, presence and organisation of skeletal structure.

A three hour workshop exploring the presence of bone. An investigation into clarifying the presence, the nature, and the felt sense of bone.

Monday 16th April 10.00-1.00pm-David Hill Studio, Crescent arts Centre, Belfast

Cost- £15 per session or £25 if attending both sessions

Kerstin Wellhofer BAhons, IIHHT, DIP IBMT, rsme/t ismeta is a practitioner of Body&Earth Practice (developed by Andrea Olsen and Caryn McHose www.bodyandearth.org ) as well as a practicing registered somatic movement educator and therapist. www.ismeta.org. She has a client practice www.somaticenquiry.co.uk and is a lecturer on both the BA and MA: Dance and Somatic Practices, connections to the living body, in Preston at UCLan. Many years of training and work in movement practices, including IBMT UK and continued professional development in Body-Mind Centering, as well as an established Authentic Movement Practice inform her research, delivery and play. She is co-director of www.movementsense.co.uk, a community interest company dedicated to connecting the body in movement and nature.