DanceLab with Vasiliki Stasinaki

Movement & Art Practice Lab with company member Vasiliki Stasinaki

Tuesday 11 April 2017


Venue: Crescent Arts Centre, Helen Lewis studio


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In this workshop we will explore ways to approach our creativity and discover an individual way of expression through the use of improvisation, voice, space and partner work. Vasiliki’s practice is being informed by her work as a dancer and visual artist. In this workshop the aim is to explore creativity and self expression as individuals and as a collective through the use of movement and physical experience. The workshop is open to anyone who has any interest in approaching creativity through movement.

Vasiliki was born in Athens and studied at the Greek State School of Dance, the Greek National Ballet School and at Northern School of Contemporary Dance.  Vasiliki has worked with the Greek National Ballet, Ludus Dance, Pair Dance, Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre, Springs Dance Company and  Evangelia Kolyra. She joined Maiden Voyage in 2009 performing in; productions 4Quartets (2009), Best (2010), Every Picture has a Frame (2011), Plants & Hopes (2012), Echo Room (2013), Fragile Ghosts (2013-14), Porous (2013), Neither Either (2014),Quartet for 15 Chairs (2014-16), Pause & Effect (2016), Every Something has a Somewhere (2017). Vasiliki is currently studying for an MFA in Fine Arts at Ulster University.