The DANCELAB session Body Mind Centering with Helene Cathala took place on Wednesday 30 November and Thursday 1 December  at the Crescent Arts Centre. As Company Manager of Maiden Voyage Dance Company it was fantastic for me to get into a dance studio and take part in this event.  I am at present studying for an MA in Dance and Somatic Well-being and part of my study would be using the principles of Body Mind Centering, so it was a great opportunity for me to further develop my explorative practice. Helene brought the work to life; connecting us all to how the body can support us within our own creative journey. My experience of skin has certainly taken on a new depth of sensitivity.

Here are three more dance practitioners feedback:

‘It is such a precious opportunity to avail of such level and expertise in dance training.  This is a training I would normally have to travel, to have it in Belfast and at such an accessible price is an amazing opportunity’.

‘I was happy to encounter a workshop that operated towards creativity through Body Mind Centering’.

‘Since participating in the workshop, it is confirmed to me how important it is to have a ‘holistic’ awareness of my body in my dance practice…that I cannot move authentically and powerfully without being ‘in tune’ with all aspects of my body – and that without my mind being awakened and engaged in this process, there won’t be a real connection between the movements and me as the mover’.

Thank you to Helene for such a wonderful few days!